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1. General conditions

All occurrences involving the exchange or return of physical products and tickets/registrations for an event must be made within a period of up to 7 (seven) days, counting from the delivery date, and must be communicated to our customer service department, through of the form that can be accessed through the contact page available on our website. The right of repentance is also guaranteed for the same period. Within this period, cancellations can be made directly to the customer service department, through the Contact page of our website. Contact us by phone, email or whatsapp if you wish. Within this period, the exchange, return or repentance is carried out completely free of charge.

RN Sports disclaims the obligation to respond to requests for exchange or return of any product without the customer service department being notified, after the deadline or with the absence of accompanying items/accessories.

2.When to refuse the product

If any of the hypotheses below occurs, refuse to receive it and inform us immediately through our services published on the website, or in the “Contact” link:


• open or damaged packaging;

• defective product;

• product not in accordance with the order;

• lack of accessories.

If you still accept the product, please contact customer service within 72 hours.

3.Exchange or cancel the purchase

The return of any product can only be made within a period of up to 7 (SEVEN) days from the date of delivery. During this period, if the product is defective, or if you are not satisfied with the purchase, please contact our customer service department and request an exchange or cancellation of the purchase.

To exchange a product, the following conditions must be observed:

• The product must be sent in the original packaging, without signs of use, without violating the manufacturer's original seal, accompanied by the Invoice (or electronic receipt), the manual and all accessories.

3.1. Return by Post

If the product, together with the packaging in which it was delivered, weighs less than 15 kg and its dimensions do not exceed 105 cm in height, 105 cm in width and 105 cm in length, the return can be made by post.

Our operators will send, by e-mail, the postage code that must be presented at the post offices. This process is free.

To post the product follow the instructions:

• pack the product in its original or similar packaging;

• return all items/accessories that came with the product;

• attach the “Electronic Receipt” or Invoice that was received upon delivery. It is essential that the Receipt or Invoice be sent for the product to be identified;

• report, on the back of the Invoice or Receipt, the reason for the return.


IMPORTANT : Franchise Post Offices (ACF) do not accept the use of the authorization instrument for postage. Advertising boxes are no longer accepted. If you have it, pack it with brown or white paper, for example.


All instructions will be provided by the customer service department.

3.2. Return by collection at the place of delivery

RN Sports does not collect the product(s) at the same address where the delivery was made. The customer must go to a post office and post the postage code sent by RN Sports. This process is free.


4. Deadline for resolving the exchange or return

RN Sports has up to 15 (fifteen) calendar days, counted from the date of receipt of the product at its Distribution Center, to verify that the request meets the requirements of the Exchange and Returns Policy. If so, it will ship another product to the customer or cancel the purchase and refund the order amount including shipping. It may not be possible to ship the same product, due to the lack of it in our stocks.



5. Refund of the amount paid

RN Sports will refund the amounts paid using the same payment method chosen in the purchase process.

In purchases paid by credit card, the card administrator will be notified and the chargeback will occur on the next or subsequent invoice, at once, regardless of the number of installments used in the purchase. The refund period depends on the card administrator.

In purchases paid by bank slip, pix or direct debit, the refund will be made by means of a bank deposit, within 10 (ten) business days, only in the buyer's current account. It is necessary that the CPF of the current account holder is the same that appears in the order (customer CPF). If the buyer does not have a checking account that meets the aforementioned conditions, RN Sports must be informed for the due treatment. A Payment authorization may be requested by RN Sports which must contain the authenticated signatures of the purchaser and the Current Account Holder.

The refund of values will be processed only after receipt and analysis of the product(s) at the RN Sports Distribution Center.


ATTENTION : RN Sports disclaims the obligation to respond to requests for exchange or return of any product returned without communication to customer service, after the deadline or with the absence of accompanying items/accessories.

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